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REVOLAX Deep Lidocaine

REVOLAX Deep with Lidocaine is a thick and longer lasting gel, used to treat deep wrinkles and nasolabials folds or augmentation of the cheeks, chin, and lips. This mono-phasic HA filler is to be injected in deep dermis or subcutaneous tissue. The Revolax Deep price compared to the quality of the dermal filler makes it a convincing choices to purchase.

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Hydrameso 1% (Antiaging)

Hydrameso 1% (Antiaging)
Hyaluronic Acid 1%
Hydration of the superficial dermis and epidermis Correction of fine wrinkles
Skin rejuvenation
Face, neck, chest, back of hands

REVOLAX Fine Lidocaine

REVOLAX Fine with Lidocaine is a lightweight/ high viscoelacticity dermal filler, designed for treatment of superficial lines, including: crowís feet, glabellar lines and neck wrinkles.

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